Dental Month is Here Again!

posted: by: Lehua Maloney, DVM Tags: "Clinic Specials" "News" 

Did you know that studies show 85% of cats and dogs over 4 years old have periodontal disease?

Advanced periodontal disease not only makes eating a painful experience for the pet, but it also stresses internal organs with a constant shower of bacteria. As with humans, such advanced dental disease can shorten lifespan and decrease the quality of life.

Anesthesia concerns cause many pet owners to put off dental cleanings, but those fears should be put into context when considering the overall need for essential preventive care for cats and dogs.

We at Winona Veterinary Hospital are passionate about our patient's care. That is why we offer the highest-quality dental treatment available: full bloodwork and exam performed the day of surgery to ensure that your pet will tolerate anesthesia safely, complete dental charting and probing, ultrasonic cleaning and polishing performed only by licensed veterinary technicians, full-mouth digital dental radiographs performed on every patient and a full assessment of the mouth and radiographs by the doctor. Unfortunately, extractions are frequently necessary and are performed surgically only by the doctor, unlike some clinics which have the technician perform extractions. We treat your pet's dental disease how we would want our pet's teeth to be treated, so take advantage of our special offer honoring Dental Health Month: schedule a procedure in February and receive a 15% discount on the total treatment plan. Also, assessments performed in February are free! Call 452-4811 today!

Young girl with gray cat